Stages M2 BBE 2020-21

List of M2 stages for the year 2020-21 in partner laboratories (updated regularly):

Note: students are free to search by himself for a M2 stage in a laboratory different than the ones proposed below. In this case, the student has to inform the BBE responsibles for validation (and the supervisor has to provide a short description in a similar form as in the proposals below). A list of stage propositions in the recent years is linked at the bottom of the page and may provide useful contacts for labs and companies.

The list of the M2 stages for the EBB speciality (parcours BBE) for the year 2019/20 will be updated regularly (starting from June 2020).


Marseille-LGBP(BIAM)-B Menand

Marseille-Plateforme EM(IMM)-LGBP(BIAM)-A Kosta & S Caffarri

Avignon-INRAE-JL Gallois & M Mazier

Cadarache-Plateforme Heliobiotec(BIAM)-B Legeret

Marseille-Plateforme Protéomique(IMM)-LGBP(BIAM)-R Lebrun & B Field

Bordeaux-INRAE(BFP)-S German-Retana & C Brehelin

Marseille-LGBP(BIAM)-B Field

Versailles-INRAE(IJPB)-M Grelon & L Cromer

Grenoble-LPCV(BIG)-N Rolland & M Kuntz

Cadarache-EBM(BIAM)-Y Li-Beisson

Marseille-IMBE-P Christen

Sophia Antipolis-IPN(ISA)-M Quentin & B Favery

Sophia Antipolis-IPN(ISA)-S Jaubert-Possamai

Cadarache-EBM(BIAM)-D Sorigue Y & Li-Beisson

Versailles-DYSCOL_INRAE(IJPB)-T Chardot & P Briozzo

Versailles-INRAE(IJPB)-S Bonhomme

Versailles-INRAE(IJPB)-M Pastuglia

Orsay-IPS2-L Merendino

Paris-IBPC-A Falciatore

Versailles-INRAE(IJPB)-A Marion-Polle

Paris-IBPC-O Vallon

Cadarache-P&E(BIAM)-X Johnson (S Caffarri)

Cadarache-IPM&MEM(BIAM)-V Chapon & P Arnoux

Marseille-INRAE-AMU(BBF)-L Tarrago & E Record

Versailles-INRAE(IJPB)-S D'Andrea & T Chardot

Cadarache-SAVE(BIAM)-H Javot

Versailles-INRAE(IJPB)-V Gaudin

Marseille-INRAE-AMU(BBF)-S Raouche

Cadarache-P&E(BIAM)-J Alric

Ploufragan ou Maisons-Alfort-ANSES-MP Chauzat

Angers-ANSES-AL Boutigny

Angers-ANSES-Gentit & Remenant

Créteil-iEES(EcoPhyS)-Leitao & Boublin & Leymarie

Marseille-IMBE-Christen & Miché

Marseille-Mio-G Blanc

Marseille-Mio-G Erauso

Paris-LabBioDev-C Bailly @ T Dufour



Bar sur Loup-Societé MANE

Merdrignac- Societé BIO3G








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