M2 Biotechnology for Sustainable Development (BIODEV-English version)


The BIODEV course is attached to the Chair UNESCO BIODEV. The courses have been designed in partnership with the 11 foreign universities within the BIODEV network partnership. Each student undertakes all of the modules in the course and can chose the subject and place to undertake their internship. The subject and place to perform the internship must be relevant to BIODEV and be help in a research laboratory associated with the BIODEV partnership. The four taught modules are taken on-line through accessing the course notes on AMeTICE, and on-line “chat” sessions with the course tutors. Polytech 5A students can also register for BIODEV, taking two taught modules within BIODEV and coupled with relevant courses within the Biotech schedules and their internship. Due to the international aspect of the BIODEV course, all modules are in English. Exams and chats can be in English or French.


Organization of the first semester

The first semester is composed of five Modules. The first Module is a bibliographic study commencing in September. Two on-line Modules and chats will take place in November-December:

  • Preparation of a Bibliographic report in the form of a scientific review article on the subject of the internship
  • Genetics and Physiology of Extremophiles
  • Genetics, Biodiversity, Physiology and Functions of filamentous fungi 

Each student will sit a written exam on each of the two on-line taught courses in December.

Two taught Modules will take place in January-February:

  • Fundamental approaches for Biotechnological Processes 
  • Valorization of agricultural by-products for fuel, food or functional food

Each student will sit a written exam on each of the two on-line taught courses in February.

Organization of the second semester

The second semester consists of a 6 month research internship in a laboratory within the BIODEV partnership (normally expected to be from January-July).

Each student is expected to prepare a report on the internship project and an oral examination before a Jury.